ecobuild2005 Housing Architecture Urban Environment Exhibition
New Moon Lumber ~ Skeletal Domino

Skeletal Domino Construction
Uses Japanfs local wood resources such as Cedar Cypress Pine
To bring forward more advanced construction method for Housing
As it has been successfully done under Skeletal Log
Method in public building construction

Skeletal Domino
Represents a construction method that utilizes pure
Naturally dehydrated wood materials to build in a contemporary
Column-beam structure, but with traditional Japanese building
Disciplines resulting in lintel system that requires no bracing

New Moon Lumber
Is a high quality wood material from trees
Cut down during appropriate season
Put through a natural drying process with all branches intact
Then stocked up as building supply

New Moon Lumber~Skeletal Domino
Represents a protocol for local housing construction that requires
Collaboration between forest caretakers, local contractor, architect,
And dwellers

4m ~4m ~ 2unit Skeletal Building Exhibit
Sponsored by NPO : Shingetsu no Ki : International Association
Produced by Ashigara Artisan Association for Dwellers
In Cooperation with@ Sakakibara Co.: Cut Naturally Dried Lumber
T.S.DRY GROUP: Manufacturing Carving
Supervised by Kurokawa Tetsuro (Architect Tokyo National University of Fine Art Professor)
Designed by Design League
Engineered by Hamauzu Tadashi
Date & Time 28 (Wed) 30 (Fri) September 2005, 10:00-17:30
Place Tokyo BigSight, West Exhibition Hall 2
Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Ariake 3Chome
Seminar 29 (Thu) September 2005, 13:30-16:30
[From Forest Caretaker to Local Contractor: Sustainable Design]
gHome building with Column-beam System & Uncompromised Wood Materialsh
@By Kurokawa Tetsuro
Other events Same Date, 18:30-20:00
General Design Bldg. 4th Floor FM at Ueno Campus
Tokyo National University of Fine Art
Department of Architecture:
100 Years Anniversary Lecture Series
gPossibility of wide span wood construction
-Trace of Skeletal Log -h

Inquiry: Design League (Attn: Nakabayashi) tel:0422-48-1381

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